Hello everybody. My name is Javier and I work since 2001 as a graphic designer in several advertising agencies. I worked since 2009 for several clients through a company dedicated to the installation of digital signage and giant screens. I mainly developed short animations and advertising pieces for this kind of digital media and occasionally interfaces for Android applications. I also designed and wrote content for the company’s group websites and blogs and designed product catalogues, corporate applications, mailing campaigns, self-promotional advertising pieces for the company and other types of content for social networks and other media. Among many other things. Due to the COVID19 pandemic and after 11 years giving my best, I lost my job. I am currently open to freelance job offers. If you are interested please contact me through the form below

For the last few years I have been dedicating part of my free time to learning disciplines that attract me such as drawing, illustration, manual printing and stamping, lettering and calligraphy